22.09 SPAIN, Toledo, The Tree of Life

Tuning into Toledo, with Anne.

‘The Essene community brought their sacred wisdom both to the south of France and to the south of Spain, to cities as Granada, but also Cordoba and Toledo. They wanted to preserve their sacred knowledge, which they could no longer practice in the Middle East, in Palestine. They wanted to bring it to this other country and root the tree of life in the centre of Spain, which was Toledo. The sacred knowledge is still there in the ground, in the rocks and in the caves of this city.

It became an important source for the spreading of christianity. But it got so much distorted by the christian church. They rooted out the jews and the jewish people, the jewish wisdom, and turned it into something else which they could use for their power, to gain wealth, to gain power over other countries, and thus the whole Spanish empire grew, using this sacred knowledge, or actually abusing it. They made it into a religion to control other people, to control their mind, to work with suffering and with guilt and shame. It is this that kept people small, unaware and unconscious of their self worth, so they wouldn’t feel their greatness – which was originally the plan of the mystery school of the Essene tradition, which goes back to the Egyptian school and to the Atlantean school. Throughout history it has been going underground and sometimes it comes above groud: people will be able to use it and bring it into the light. Now is such a time that this old wisdom can again be experienced in the physical body, in this physical reality, while it has been slumbering for a long time in the unconscious of men.

The tree of life is the symbol of the universe and of creation. If you connect to this tree of life you will understand the divine marriage between the masculine and the feminine and between heaven and earth, because you can bring the heavenly energies down into the physical reality. And if we talk about heavenly energies, we mean energies of the other dimension which is beyond your physical dimension. It’s a dimension of creation and of love. It’s beyond the heart. So to bring this down into the world is what is so needed. It doesn’t need to reach millions of people but it will reach a core group op people. They are the prime movers, the ones who are the seed bearers for this new time to come.

Involve young people in this quest, in this adventure of searching for the roots of the tree of life and to open it up to the world. Many people have their role to play in this, each one in his own quest, through his own personal stuff, releasing old karma, releasing self doubt, releasing negative emotions and negative patterns that have been keeping you down for so long. But now is the time to honour those who have been working for this greater good, for this sacred light to come forth and shine into the darkness. So all the uconsciousness and the dark thoughts can be lifted. This is what is needed for the rebirth of Europe and for the rebirth of human civilisation, to realise they are the cocreators of the planet earth, and the keepers of the wisdom, the keepers of the creation. Nature has not only come into being through evolution, it has been a very conscious creation, you could say a conscious evolution. You have to understand and realise you are part in it, you are the cocreators of that evolution in which you are the players.’


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