world wide water ceremony

We would like to invite you for the second World Wide Water Ceremony, happening on May 13. May 13 is a great day of celebration in Madalena, on the isle of Pico, dedicated to the Lady of Fatima. One of her requests was to pray, hold ceremonies and dedicate ourselves to the divine feminine. This ceremony on May 13th, one day after mothers day, is to focus on the waters and the oceans. Let’s tune in to the wisdom of the whales, the dolphins, the sea creatures and the Inuit goddess Sedna. May she rise from the Ocean! We heartily invite you to co-create this ceremony, to come together and tune in from your home, beach, river or nearby sea. Together we will form a network of light across the globe. We envision groups or individuals everywhere doing their own ceremony, in line with their own tradition or intuition.