10.22 FRANCE, Mont Saint-Michel, The Goddess of the Ocean

With Anne. Tuning into Mount Saint Michael, and expecting to hear the voice of Saint Michael, Ton surprisingly hears a female voice speaking.

“I am the goddess of the Sea, of the Ocean. I am from deep below the surface, the deep unconsciousness that is also resonating within the two of you. It is this deep power that defines the destiny of humankind. It is not on the surface that you will find this information. Many people will go to this mountain and only look at the outer place, the church, the mountain. But the real power is deep down. That is the root of this place. It is connected to the power of the ocean, the power of the water. 

Now there have always been men and women who were the hands and the instruments of this deep power. You could call them the warriors of the heart, the warriors of the spirit, the guardians, the templars, the light warriors… People who are in contact with this deep soul power   and bring that into the world of their time. Like you are bringing it to your time. Always within a different culture, a different religion, but that’s only the outer circumstance.
It is about using and serving this deep power of the feminine to bring harmony and balance and peace in the world and to reconnect to the soul, when people have lost the connection. 

Also in this time people have lost connection with Mother Earth, the powers of the ocean. The ocean is the place of new life, of birth, of the re-emergence of the goddess. Which is a symbol of the re-emergence of life. The cycle of life; death and rebirth. 
Also in your time things will die, because they are at the end of a cycle. They are not useful or valid anymore. Patriarchy with its wars and conquests and consumerism is walking on its last legs. And a new impulse needs to come which brings forth life and fertility and nature. 
So there is a division on the road between what we called before the technology of death and technology of life. The technology of death comes from the mind, and the technology of life comes from the heart and from the womb. 

Your whole journey for the next months this year starts here, at Mont Saint-Michel, the place of the warriors. And Saint Michael can be seen as the head of the order of the warrior monks, the light warriors, angels that protect the Earth and protect human beings. 
The highest protection is to bring consciousness, to bring the light of consciousness to Earth. So people wake up and become aware of the real situation that is going on. To go beyond the emotions and the drama of the things that are happening on the surface – these are the waves on the surface. But to go deeper to the bottom of the ocean and find the pearls that are lying there hidden for normal sight. 
So when you go to Mont Saint-Michel, to the mountain, dive deep to find the pearls of wisdom, to find the pearls of renewal, and honour the goddess that was once venerated at this sacred mountain. Before the church came and turned it into a monastery for men it was a druidic place that connected to the goddess of the ocean.”

Ton: I hear a name, but don’t know exactly… It reminds me of Sequana, the goddess of the Seine, or Guadiana, the goddess of the river in Portugal. Something with that –adiana. Because the letter A is very important, it is the first letter and it has this very strong resonance with beginnings, with birth. 

Anne: Ariana?

Ton: What you said: Stella Maris, the goddess of the Sea. The star of the Sea. Because Mother Mary has always been connected to the waters of the ocean. 

Anne: The AR also stands for the sparkle of life, the fire element in the water, in the ocean.

Ton: And there is also a reflection of the cosmos, so the ocean is also a reflection of the universe, of the whole cosmos, of the full stars and light.

Anne: The cosmic womb.

“The cosmic womb. That’s where you came from. That’s your origin. And that’s where you go back to. You have to go through this process of transformation and rebirth to find a new civilisation, to found a new civilisation. So be the warriors of light. Be the warriors of the heart. Collect them in Portugal. Connect to the Atlantic ocean there. Gather the Templar Knights of the 21st century.”

Anne: And the pearl divers.