07.32 PALESTINE, Masada, Letting Go of Your Story

Walking on the Snake Path to the mountain of Masada, feeling the presence of Zebedeus.

‘Each country creates its own national history, each person creates his own personal history, it’s a story, a framework that serves as a metaphore, so you start to understand who you are. But as long as you don’t understand that you are the creator of the story, you are a slave of it, you’re a prisonar of your own story.  So just as in the movie of The Truman Show it is important that you break down the barriers of your own story, your own history, to understand who you really are, to come to the essence, the centre of the labyrinth.

Look at your own conceptions, your own ideas and discover that many of them are illusions of the mind. They seem to be true, but in reality they are just shadows of the light that you are. It can be a story of relationship, of marriage, it can be a story of descendants and heritage, it can be a story of race and religion… But in truth they are no more than illusions that give you the security for the ego to hold on to, until you are strong and independent enough to leave the story and become your own self, to free your own self. This takes time and study and inquisitiveness and patience, because we are afraid that without our story we will die, we are nobody, we are lost in the desert of eternal possibilities.

Look at yourself, free yourself and become who you are.’