06.33 EGYPT, Aswan, The Power of the Source

‘So you went on this journey to meet the deep feminine or the dark feminine inside yourself and in the world and you have completely succeeded, my children. Because you went all the way, first doing the alchemical process of doing your homework of facing your own fears, of stretching the limits of your own personality and being vulnerable. Through this you did the alchemical work, the six of you: by combining the elements you created a force field. So through that field you came in a deeper layer of consciousness, a deeper awareness. Which you have felt so strongly at the lake during the silence.

It is through this silence that you come in contact with me, the Great Goddess. I am before all things. I am the Mother of humanity. You are born out of my womb. I am the source, together with the sacred masculine, the divine Father. Because we have always been one, God and Goddess, masculine and feminine. This is how your world was created.

You are not only players on this stage, on this world stage, but you are also creators. You realise this more and more, that you create your own life by being in contact with the source. By surrendering to a divine plan and opening up to the unknown.

At the same time you realise you start to create your life. You become a master and you all found your own mastership. From this point you will go back into the world, but you will remember this blueprint, this source you’re coming from. This dance and music of elements and the things that the world has so much forgotten about, living in their minds, living in a world of duality.

But it is actually this dance of oneness that creates the world, this simple enjoyment of life, the smiles you share, the love between each of you. So when you go back into the world, it is like you’re coming from the source of the river and you follow its flow back to the ocean. The river will become wider and wider and you have many different experiences, but you will never forget the energy, the silence and the power of the source.’


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