TRAVELBLOG Part 21. From Sinai to Schiehallion

In the BBC series that Anne and I are watching during our journey, – His Dark Material – a kind of cross between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, the young girl Lyra goes in search of her father. To do this, she must travel to the far north, where her father has an observatory to study the Northern Lights. In their world, the Northern Lights are called ‘Dust’ and they appear to have magical properties. Her father discovers that the Northernlight is a gateway to other worlds. It is possible to enter our western world via the Northern Lights, and when Lyra follows her father through the Gate of Light, she ends up in present-day Oxford. However, she is highly surprised, because there is no magic in this world.

Our own journey has wonderful parallels with the series. It seems as if movies and stories today are an artistic way of visualising the spiritual. They have the same role as myths in ancient times: making the inexplicable visible.
We experience the same during our trip to the High North. There are things in the world that cannot or can hardly be explained rationally, because they are too coincidental, too wonderful, too improbable, and yet they happen.

During our three days on the northern Isle of Lewis – which in Gaelic is called Leòdhas, or ‘Songhouse’ – we suddenly hear that the Northern Light is going to happen. There has been a major solar storm and the new moon is approaching. The solar particles cause a greenish-yellow glow in the atmosphere. At least that’s the scientific explanation. However, I can imagine that ancient cultures had a very different view. Perhaps it is the sun god Apollo who visits the northern islands once every few years? Or beings from another world who can travel through a portal in the dimension to our world? Or is it the ghosts or departed souls that haunt this very weekend of Halloween? Who will say. More and more often I discover that science is also a belief, one of the many ways of looking at reality. It involves a set of assumptions that appear to be objective, but cutting edge physics shows that the very subjective element – the one who perceives – plays a major role in what you see. And this is where modern quantum physics touches the laws of spirituality: we are not only part of a creation, but we are co-creators. When we look through our mind, we see a different world than through the eyes of our heart. Less magical, and it seems we have no influence on it. If we look through the eyes of our heart, then the magic, the synchronicity suddenly appears and it seems that we do have an influence on the world around us. Every action counts, every word adds love or ugliness, every thought creates a new reality. But this is difficult for the mind to understand. First you have to make the longest journey, as the Indians say: the journey from your head to your heart.

Today, the world of science seems to be gaining more and more power, just as power was vested in the church in the Middle Ages. Everything that is not scientific is denied, ridiculed and nowadays also banned on Youtube and Facebook. We are gradually entering a technocracy, or perhaps a virocracy. Healing through plants or herbs? Nonsense. For millennia, our ancestors healed themselves through plants or herbs, until science came and eradicated all forms of quackery. In fact; we are destroying the entire Amazon that is full of medicinal herbs.
Science and technology increasingly determine our future and our truth. But could it be that there are multiple truths? Multiple ways of looking at life that all have their own value? Or is it only the truth of the majority that counts?

In His Dark Materials, the incumbent is represented by a dark society called the Magisterium. They try with all their might to get the magic out of the world and to separate people from their totem animal. Moreover, they do not believe in other dimensions or ‘dust’, the Northernlight. They too travel to the North to close the gate between the dimensions. While Anne and I are watching the last episodes, we look out the window of our hotel to see if we can see anything of the Northernlight. However, the night is still pitch dark; not a star or light to be seen. But somewhere we feel the magic, the message from another dimension, that comes to help us at a time when humanity is going through its greatest crisis.

In the following days we visit the Stones of Callanish three times, the magical stone circle built from Gneiss, the oldest stone on earth: 3000 million years old. The circle is on a hill and look out from there we emerge into a reddish, barren landscape of mountains and fjords. On the horizon is a mountain called ‘The Sleeping Beauty’. She represents the ancient goddess Caelliach. The full moon appears once every 18.6 years near her forehead, rolls over her body, and then disappears again near her belly.
Anne feels the stones one by one and dwells on the middle stone for a long time. In her gray coat she seems to coincide with the stones. Something in her belongs here. In the meantime I photograph the beautiful circle and see a rainbow appear, but I don’t notice anything else about magic.
“Actually, you should do an ahayuasca session to understand how these stones work,” I tell Anne. “The action of the plants can open your mind to the reality that is hidden here…” I have not finished my sentence when a man approaches us with a singing bowl and a box of biscuits. He looks like an old hippie. “Would you like a cookie?” he asks me. Since it’s cold and bleak, I accept gratefully. Food helps against the cold. I eat the cookie with relish.
“They digest very slowly,” the man says and begins to share what he knows about the stones. He doesn’t say anything new, but I’m starting to feel a little nauseous by now. My head feels spinning and I feel a contraction in my stomach. Oh my god I guess. The cookie! Never just accept cookies from strange men. Anne and I quickly say goodbye to the man and walk back to the car.
“It’s space cake,” Anne says. “Didn’t you realize that?”
“No,” I say.
“You just happened to wish to have plant magic…”
I realize that I have to go to the hotel quickly to go to bed. Driving is still possible, but after a while I hand over the wheel to Anne. I try to keep my thoughts in order, but slowly the reddish-brown earth, the gray sky and the poor houses begin to merge into a brown gunk that dominates everything. Once I lay in bed and get some sleep, things get better. The sky begins to clear and in the evening the sky opens up. We have dinner in a lovely restaurant in Stornoway harbor and hear that the Northernlight can be seen in Scotland this night. Some people have come from far and wide with cameras to capture the natural phenomenon. Since I’m not completely clear yet, I go to bed early.

In the night the Caelliach appears. She beckons me in a dream. She is no longer the ancient ice goddess, but a woman deeply connected to my soul. “You were one of us, but you wanted to know more, discover more, and you left. The male ratio had to be discovered, and so you separated yourself from the Great Mother, from the magic of existence. That hurt. But I also knew that you would return again. I’ve waited millennia, but here you are. It’s not too late…”

I wake up startled. Is that the result of the hashies or the Stones? That you come into contact with other dimensions beyond ordinary reality, other times that lie in a distant past? Was the period of which the Cailleach speaks was the time of the Hyperboreans, the people who were still close to the gods?

When I tune in with Anne on my next visit to the Callanish stones, we get the following message:

“The gate of Caelliach was not only a gate towards other dimensions but also a gate to the world of the gods, Asgard, or as the Vikings called it: Valhalah. It is this other world or realm that contains all the wisdom. Like there is a place in Shamballa, in the Himalayas, there is a place on the northpole that contains the wisdom of the white race. Through a war it has been completely destroyed and the gate has been closed. But by your intention you opened up the gates of the isle of Lewis, so there is a direct connection again between the headquarters of the north and your world, where worldleaders come together today.

It’s important to connect to them as well, because you are bridging those two worlds, you are the key between the two. They need to have the inspiration and the guidance from the spiritual realm, to know what they have to do in this auspicious time where one era will disappear and another will begin. You need to have the inner guidance to go through this inner channel, through this transformation time, because it is not easy and it demands a lot of truth. So go through the distortion, go beyond the distraction and open up the gate further to invite the gods, to invite wisdom from the north.

In the land of the Hyperboreans these gates were completely open and Hyperborea was a sort of emanation from that land of north of Asgard. There was no separation between the human land, the divine land and the underworld. These worlds were completely one. You could travel between the three – or actually more – and also creatures from different dimensions with each other. This is where a lot of your Fantasy comes from. The connection s with the trees, the mountains, the animals, the fish, the so-called aliens… You have lost that consciousness, that frequency to connect to these other dimensions. But by going into the temple of Caelliach you opened up these other dimensions and the gates towards them.

Visualize Hyperborea as the land it was.
I see a great concentration in the middle, like it was kind of a round land, but there was something very important in the middle, like a big city or sacred center, where many people lived. It underwent the same fate as Atlantis and it was connected to Atlantis. There was a fountain in the center, a fountain of eternal youth. The water coming out of that fountain was divinely encoded and it contained the DNA codes for immortality. Hm, I see… That’s what it was all about, you could live on this land much longer. Life span was a much longer life span than now, because this consciousness was much higher and thus you could maintain reality in a much higher frequency. It was through the water that you could replenish your body and revitalize it. It was light water, water encoded with light. Through the cataclysm the whole land submerged under the water and separated into two parts.”

  • To be continued –