From Sinai to Schiehallion, travelogue part 7

On the last day before departure we have to pass a test in the hospital of Sharm El Sheich. The organization of the test facility is quite messy. Behind us in line is a guy who is quite nervous and pushy. “I don’t know if it’s worth it to come back to Egypt,” he says. “I like the coral reefs, but the food is shit, the waiters are unfriendly and rude, and this hospital is the worst.”
I understand his unrest and frustration, but there is something strange with his attitude. “Where do you come from?” I ask him.
“I’m from the Uk, but I work in Dubai. There they’re always friendly, they bow to you and the food is amazing… I’m living there for 5 years now. In the beginning it was hard but now I have adapted. “
“What is the work you do?” I ask.
“I work for a german exposition firm. We are organizing fairs on security. That’s where the money is. All big corporations are coming there to sell their stuff: face recognition, 5G, scanners, weapon systems, satellites, everything. It is a good life. The Chinese are there, the Israelis, the Saoudis… But I’m not sure if I come back to Egypt. It’s all shit here. “

I think about the time when I had to change at the airport in Dubai, and saw how the airport was decorated with gold and glitter. Now I understand his impatience and condescension. He is used to big, fast money, where people bow to you because you are Western and belong to the elite. Where the trees grow up to the sky, and money spouts like water from fountains. It is the mecca of the great internationals, who earn their millions from weapons, security systems and controlling the masses. Who play their world monopoly game over the backs of thousands of others. I don’t like it at all. I think back to the image of the female Red Sea, which lies between all the macho dictatorships. But still they come to see her coral reefs… the treasures of the ocean. Maybe I see it all too negatively. I don’t know the background of this boy. How can I judge him and the world he lives in?

It strikes me every time that during this trip I initially find everything quite ugly and disgusting, and that after a night’s sleep I look at it very differently. Even the Sheraton after two days is suddenly a fairly cozy place where I have personal contact with various people from the hotel. In the chaos of Sharm El Sheich, behind the dilapidated bazaar, we suddenly find a beautiful hotel with gardens and a private beach. It happens regularly in this journey that everything turns around; a border becomes a turning point instead of a dead wall; a casino turns out to be a pleasant holiday hotel; an expensive resort appears to use cheap sales tricks; a journey to enter Israel through the back door becomes an end in itself; sun god becomes moon god and so on: the journey is full of moments of reversal.

During our journey through Sinai, all kinds of things happen in Egypt: The mummies of the eighteenth dynasty – those of Pharaoh Hatshepsut and her descendants – are moved from the old to the new museum. It is a grandiose show, which costs millions. Under the paternal eye of Al Sisi, the nation and the world watch the “Golden Parade of the Pharaos”. Give the people bread and games and they will be silent.
In addition, in the same week, an eighteenth dynasty city, `The Rise of Aten’ is discovered near Luxor. Achnaton wanted the Egyptian people to convert to Aton, the sun god. He transformed Egypt from outward splendor to the simplicity of the heart, everyday life and the beauty of nature. After his empire fell, Egypt returned to military power and the spiritual wealth of the Eighteenth Dynasty gradually disappeared. It regressed into the poor country that it is today. Even the golden glittering procession of the Pharaohs passing the Tahrir Square – where the revolution once took place – cannot disguise Egypt’s misery and troubles.

Suddenly I think back to the very first tour I organized in Egypt. There too, Akhnaten and the Eighteenth Dynasty was a central theme. I first met Jos there, who is now deceased. We immediately recognized each other form some other life time. The whole group seemed to be a remembering of the time of the Eighteenth Dynasty; The feminine Pharao Hatsepsut was impersonated by Baroness Loylou van Hardenbroek (read ‘The Labyrinth of Time) Jos and Eric seemed reincarnations of Amenhotep II and III, my then girlfriend had a strong resemblance of Nefertiti and so on. During a visit to Amarna I had an amazing experience myself with Akhenaten. This voice of the Pharaoh came through in a reading, but so clear that I was blown away. When I was taking a walk in the desert after the channeled message, an Egyptian came up to me. With lots of hand gestures and enthusiasm, he said: “Thank you for coming back with your family. I pray to Aton every night. ” For a moment I suspected that he was fooling me. Did he really mistake me for Akhenaten or was this one of the many tricks to sell something? I had to visit his house and the man escorted us to the ferry, which took us across the Nile. Since then I have a strong association with the pharaoh Akhenaten.

On the internet I read about a book by the Egyptian Ahmed Osman who describes the special link between Akhenaten and Moses:
“Ahmed Osman claims that Moses of the Bible is no other than King Akhenaten who ruled Egypt for 17 years in the mid-14th century BC. During his reign, the Pharaoh Akhenaten was able to abolish the complex pantheon of the ancient Egyptian religion and replace it with a single God, Aten, who had no image or form. “
Could it be that Akhenaten and Moses were the same? Or did they perhaps come from the same school? In any case, they are both the initiators of monotheism. In the channeling that I received at the time Akhenaten told that the concept ‘Aton / one god’ was misunderstood: it was not about the One God outside of ourselves, but about the inner god or the inner sun of consciousness. He wanted to bring Egypt in contact with this new consciousness, instead of the many idols, gods and goddesses. The same thing I heard in a message from Moses: The voice he heard on Mount Sinai was the voice of the heart, God speaking through him. The concept of one god was later made external again: it became God the Father in Heaven. The inner voice became chisseled in stone and later became the Bible and the Torah.

In a book about the Essenes I come across a second link between Akhenaten, Moses and the Jewish people. The book “The Mystery of the Copper Scroll” by Robert Feather talks about Essene knowledge referring to Akhenaten’s treasure. (The Mystery of the Copper Scroll of Qumran: The Essene Record of the Treasure of Akhenaten) Enough material to study further 🙂

While flying back home I suddenly get goosebumps. All the pieces of the puzzle come together: my strong connection with both Akhenaten and Moses; the many trips to Egypt and the Healing Conferences at Qumran, the place where the Essenes lived; the Egyptian city of “The Rise of Aten”, which has just been found; the golden parade of the pharaohs; Anne who saw the image of Jos so strongly in the sun… They all seem aspects of one big story, which gradually becomes clearer. As if some of the spiritual power of the Eighteenth Dynasty is re-emerging, and we can once again embrace the solar consciousness. Knowing that everything is within us and cannot be found outside of us. Any grasp for the world around us, in order to find something to hold on to or gain control, inexorably refers back to our own inner world, and the projections we put onto the outside world. How difficult is it not to fall into duality, thinking in us-them but knowing that everything in the world around us is a part of ourselves, both good and evil? Could it be that the dual world of Seth makes way again for the harmony and oneness of Osiris?

Perhaps this is The Great Reset: a recalibration or moment of transformation, not of the money system, but of our consciousness. That we realize that the world is not created by forces around us – by money, technology, politics or economics – but by our own thoughts and intentions. This gives us a completely new vision of our role as humanity. We have created the chaos that we see around us, and we have to solve it ourselves. It means that together we have the power to create a new paradise, if we want to … That is the intention we set out for the fall, when the next big Environmental Conference will take place in Scotland: to connect the care for nature, biodiversity and climate with our inner nature, with consciousness and with the origin of paradise within ourselves …

In the airplane I can see the sun shining over Egypt. I see Jos’s smile, who travels with us from a new dimension. A new day is dawning.

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