Part 23. From Sinai to Schiehallion

While the Climate Conference, the COP26, has already been going on for a week, our miniature COP will start in the Dunalastair hotel. Our party consists of 18 people and it reminds me of the meeting at Elrond in Rivendell: there are several wizards, two dwarfs, a few tree creatures, some good witches and there are two young hobbits making a movie. A colorful and diverse group. A homogeneous group is often easier, but a group with a lot of diversity usually has more creative power. A new reality must be created from the opposites. It is up to us to find the common thread.
I explain the rules of Open Space as usual:

  1. The people out there are the right people.
  2. That which happens is the very thing that must happen.
  3. Follow the Law of the Two Feet.
  4. It starts when it starts.
  5. It ends when it ends.
  6. Expect the Unexpected.
  7. Don’t be attached to the outcome.

It’s not always easy to apply these unusual rules, but in the 30 years I’ve used them, they’ve always delivered a wondrous magic. They teach you to look beyond the surface, not to judge and above all to feel. For some that is easier than for others. It is above all a dive into the unknown. It asks to put aside our personal agendas and to feel what the collective field asks of us. Not my will, but Thy will be done. And that is not clear yet.

At one point during our gathering a conflict arises between two camps – one wants to go deeper into ‘the darkness’, the others want to keep it light – I lie contemplating at night about the situation. We have been together for two days now and November 11 is just around the corner. But there is no clarity as to what we have to do November 11, and where. I feel division and not-knowing. Is there something not quite right that is playing out between these two camps? Could it be the same at the COP in Glasgow: one group wants substantial changes, and others put the brakes on? And where is my part in all of this?

As I muse, I think back to the original channeling I received in March 2021. Suddenly I am shocked. The channeling was not about November 11, I realize with growing panic, but about November 12. For convenience, and for publicity, we thought it better to choose 11:11. But suddenly I realize the mistake; a small change in the original course causes a huge deviation many months later. Damn, I have gathered thousands of people to meditate together, but on the wrong date… I am falling into a big hole of guilt, shame and fear of failure. Fortunately, there is also a little voice that says: ‘Don’t take it too hard. Stay in your center. But do tell the truth so that the mistake can be corrected. It’s not the end of the world.”

Would that be the same with world leaders at the COP? How would they cope with mistakes and failures? I suddenly have a lot more compassion for the men at the top. What a horrible role and responsibility. I wake up Anne and discuss with her what is going on. She understands my dilemma. We reread the original channeling:

‘Your journey into the Unknown might feel like an unknown journey, but it is very well planned out. It is a ‘soul journey’ with a specific purpose to lighten up and activate a higher consciousness in many people around the world.

What you do is connecting the dots, bringing people together, calling out your tribe, and leading them towards this purpose, this destiny of the alpha gate of the Schiehallion in the middle of Scotland. It is here that the clear sword of determination will come down and bring clarity and inspiration to many people and that will happen on the 12th of November. That is the pivotal time, the portal in time when this alpha gate can be opened and activated.

On the 12th of November – which is the end of the Climate Conference in which politicians will bring their statement towards the world – you will be giving another statement. Your statement is broader. It’s a statement about nature, about a choice for humanity. You have a choice, but you have to be willing to face the choice and to make the choice. Because if you don’t do it, things will go into the direction it is taking at the moment, which is a disaster. So it needs a very conscious decision. And a preparation for people, to make people aware of the choice they are making. So that’s basically what the 12th of November is all about: a conscious choice of humanity.”

OK, so it’s really about the 12th of November. I decide to get over my shame and fear of failure and put the issue in the group. When the group meets early in the morning on November 11, I pick up the talking stick and tell of my miscalculation, fully aware that thousands of people are getting ready to meditate that day. I also feel that I cannot solve this ‘mistake’ alone. I need the group. Everyone has their own take on it, but most are less shocked than I am. “You’re overestimating yourself a bit,” one woman says lovingly. “Don’t take on all the responsibility of the world. We’re doing this together.” Someone else says, “I felt I had to be here on November 11, so whatever your channel says, I’m going to meditate today.” “Maybe it is a two step process: today we are calling the people, tomorrow is about opening the gate.’

Some of the burden is lifted off me, but I still don’t feel clean. I think of my father who went to the Indonesia during the war. Indonesia wanted to free itself from Dutch hegemony, but the Netherlands did not want to let go of its colony. Only at the end of his life could my father admit that he – and our country – had made a wrong assessment. It took his whole life before he could acknowledge the mistake.

I tell the group about my father, and cry about the pain and sorrow his choice brought to our family. Marcel comes up behind me and puts his hands on my shoulders. “I have also made bad choices in life and failed. But I’m at peace with it. And I think it’s wonderful that you can acknowledge your mistakes and look them in the eye. That is true leadership.” He takes a golden sun disk from the altar and hangs it around my neck.

When the pain is acknowledged, the mistake suddenly melts away. I don’t know exactly how, but the gate to 11:11 is open. All contradiction and duality is resolved. We are ready. Meditation has already begun in other parts of the world. We pack our things, go to the cars and drive towards the mountain. Others in the group have found a place to meditate, halfway up the mountain, and in a long trail we walk up the Schiehallion: elves, wizards, hobbits, humans, witches and tree creatures. We have a joint mission: To bring healing to Mother Earth. One of the men of our group, dressed in a Scottish kilt, beats a drum. The hour has come.

When the clock strikes 11 o’clock we enter into silent meditation and a wondrous inner journey unfolds for all. I see thousands of people everywhere sitting in circles and connecting with the heart of Mother Earth. Around the earth I see a choir of angels. They sing to send courage and love to humanity. I connect with the world leaders in Glasgow. As if I’m in the middle of their meeting, I’m telling them it’s OK to fail, make mistakes, and be in the not-knowing. Only by admitting this, we can take responsibility for restoring the process of our humanity on Earth.

  • to be continued –