Part 14. From Sinai to Schiehallion

In Glastonbury we are invited to stay in the spacious house of a friend, where I have been seven years ago together with Raya, my daughter. She will also join us, together with her boyfriend Cedric. They are coming from London to stay here for a few days, so that we can finally see each other again. Due to the pandemic, the moments that we meet are significantly less. We are all looking forward to it. For her and her boyfriend it is also a moment to escape the stress of the big city – the City. The house – Chalice Hill House – embraces us like a warm bath.
Over the past seven years, the owner has transformed the old English country house into a beautiful design house, in which classic and modern prefect blend into each other. We all feel privileged. The house is located at the foot of Chalice Hill, and within walking distance of the Tor, the large hill with the tower of Saint Michael, so characteristic of Glastonbury. While the weather app has predicted seven days of rain, the weather turns out to be beautiful and radiant. We walk happily up the hill, and I am deeply moved by the memories I have here. This is where my spiritual path began, 34 years ago. I was 22 years old and had intense visions that took me to this magical place. The visions had to do with the Harmonic Convergence, which took place on August 17-18, 1987. I was studying Business and Theater at the time, but after my visit to Glastonbury my life took a very different turn. From that moment I walked the path of the Goddess, incomprehensible and wonderful, full of deep valleys and high peaks, bends and twists as in a labyrinth, but unmistakable. After 34 years I am still walking the same path, and tears are streaming down my cheeks as I climb the Tor again. I feel deep gratitude for the way I that was shown to me. What a privilege to be here with Anne and my daughter and her friend. It feels like Anne and I are passing the baton to a younger generation. Cedric is particularly interested in all things magic, occult powers and esotericism, and Raya concluded her Master’s degree with a presentation of four female archetypes in a modern version: The Lover, The Diva, The Carer and the Queen. In the healing ceremony earlier that week I saw that she is walking the same path as I am, but in her own way. She has just been commissioned to supervise an art project in Berlin. This is where I once went with my father when the wall fell. The wounds he sustained in World War II and passed on to our family were gradually healed through our journey then, and now through my daughter’s continuation. How wonderful how everything is connected. On the wounds of the old, the flowers of the new bloom. Berlin, heart of Europe.

When our days at Chalice Hill House are over, Raya and Cedric return to London, and Anne and I move into Guesthouse Berachah. It is a Jewish word meaning “blessing”. Meanwhile, a new companion has joined us: Eran, the young Israeli friend who traveled with me from Sinai to Israel earlier this year. It’s a pleasure to see him again. Every day he walks up and down the Tor and tells about his experiences. His path has also changed drastically: from a professional soldier in the Israeli army, in which he had to carry out operations in Gaza, he also went the way of the goddess. He has said goodbye to the army and has become a healer. He once showed me his passport photo from his time in the military. Short hair, tight look. “I will never want to be like that again.”
The Berachah house sits atop the famous White Spring at the foot of the Tor, and next to it is the Red Spring. We visit the garden of the Red Spring, from which water flows that are slightly red due to the iron. The white well is still closed. The room we have in the guesthouse overlooks the two wells and is called ‘The Green Room.’ Again green, red and white. Amazing how everything fits together. It seems as if our time in Glastonbury is a kaleidoscope of colours, experiences and insights that all come together to form a large pattern. Clear when you look at it from a distance, but totally confusing and chaotic when you are in the middle of it. “Can we go back to normal after this trip?” Anne sighs. She needs structure more than I do, but we both encounter our limits. ‘Surrender; Trust the process; Whatever happens is the right thing to happen.’ But sometimes it doesn’t feel that way at all.

One night in Berachah we encounter a deep darkness. It scares me so much that I wonder if we should continue our journey. If this is part of the road to Schiehallion, I don’t know if we’ll make it together. We feel alone and need support from friends and companions. Fortunately, we can call and feel the support of dear friends, who understand what we are going through. “Don’t take it all personal.” Oh yeah, we almost forgot.
I discover in the library of the house that Dion Fortune has lived in the same place. She lived a century ago and was the one who revived the story of King Arthur, the Grail, and Avalon. In her biography I read that she founded the ‘Society of Inner Light’, which was extremely active during the Second World War to protect Britain from the danger of the Nazis. Together with a small group she held séances and sessions in which the battle between light and dark was fought on an energetic level. However, Hitler also had his magicians and in the twilight world between the visible and the invisible dimensions a great confrontation took place.
Shortly after the war, Dion Fortune died, tired of fighting for her country and for freedom. She left behind a series of books and a tradition of kissing the goddess awake again. When I moved from Calais to Dover 34 years ago I found one of her books: ‘Avalon, Glastonbury of the Heart’. I had found the trail she had left years before. Now I was where she had lived.

The darkness turns out to be a blessing in disguise. It teaches us to take our journey even more seriously. Once again we live in a time where the battle between light and dark seems to be emerging, but I also feel that we are adding a new element. Not that of the struggle, but of the healing, of connection, of unity. The more we fight, the more we become part of duality. The journey to the Schiehallion is about the union of opposites, discovering the ultimate unity and love that hides behind everything, both behind the light and behind the darkness. “In the end there is only love,” a friend of Anne says.
Sometimes the goddess shows her dark face, but more and more I realize that it’s just to make us grow, to make us stronger and to realize that we are all one.

In a channeling we get the following message:

“There are some people who call for war. A war against all people that we think are our enemy. But in reality the war is inside ourselves. Can we really overcome our own pain and hatred? This is the real war we are fighting within our own hearts.
We are asking for a coalition of the willing. People who want to fight this inner war. To stand up and to be leaders in this time. To take care and to speak out to the people who are confused, who want to fight the war against each other. Which is a big mistake. Which is one of the big illusions in this world. We have to see that we are all one. One family, one nation, one humanity, one world, one race. In many colours, many religions, many diversities. This is the message of the Goddess.
At the end of times you will find the fulfillment, the dawning of awakened human being. This is the promise that has been given to you. After a period of darkness, humanity will find its way back to the light, that has been hidden within himself.

It has been waiting there for eons as a still hope, a seed, an unborn child. It is the phoenix that rises from its ashes after a very long time. It’s the resurrection of the death. It is the Christ being reborn in each of you. It is the promise of the return of the Messiah, as has been passed down through generations in stories, in religions and symbols. It is the second coming of the Mahdi, the Maitreya, the Buddha, the Savior. It is the return of the king, or the return of the queen, because both are equal and complementary. This promise is a memory that is engraved in each and everyone’s heart. Don’t wait any longer. The moment has come to lift the veils and see for yourself. Life is ready to invite you to a new adventure.’

  • to be continued –