Our stay in Plymouth ends with an unparalleled and profound healing that lasts for two nights. For years, Cornelius and Agnies have been part of a team of about 15 musicians, healers and artists who guide the healing rituals in a professional way. For two nights we surrender ourselves to the workings of the soul, during which we are confronted with both difficult and beautiful lessons. I suddenly understand that I have to learn to receive. I see the painful moments in my life when I couldn’t; that there was a lot of love from the people or loved ones around me, but that I couldn’t receive that love. It is probably a typical male theme: being able to give, but not being able to receive. Slowly I learn it, by trial and error. I also see the trauma that caused it, which mainly goes back to wounds from the Second World War that had a major impact on our family. I think about the photo I saw at the beginning of our journey of the city of Ypres in Belgium. Outwardly, the city appeared to have been completely rebuilt and renovated, but the deep wounds were still visible in the photos of the past that hung in the city square. Perhaps this applies to all of us: from the outside we cannot see how wounded we are inside. We all carry with us inner wounds, traumas that come from childhood, from our family, or from our culture.

If we look at today’s world, in which patriarchal scientific thinking has gone too far, we see more and more the inner wounds that this produces. Not visible in our welfare economy, but more and more tangible for those who open their heart. “There is something rotten in the kingdom of Denmark,” Hamlet once said. And that applies to our entire western society. Beneath the surface, beyond the stock prices, beyond the digital interface, beyond the technical developments, there is something wrong with our souls. We have become displaced, detached from the earth, detached from the world of the goddess, detached from the organic and energetic fabric that connects us all and gives us a sense of unity. We have become orphans on a planet in crisis, and it is not surprising that one of the greatest problems in our culture is a growing sense of loneliness. We miss the connection with the soul and with the goddess.

During the two healing nights, Anne and I are each gently guided in our own way to look at our blind spots and let ourselves be nourished by the healing water of the soul. We both come out cleansed and feel how this is only the beginning of the healing journey.

Plymouth feels like the gate of the West: from here the Pilgrim Fathers once sailed to America, ‘Turtle Island’, and from the same harbor Darwin went with the Beagle to the Galapagos Islands, which led to his famous theory of evolution. Man had evolved from various ape and human species based on natural selection and survival of the fittest into Homo sapiens. God was removed from the dictionary of science, but with that we threw the baby out with the bathwater. Our world view and self-image became more and more logical, more scientifically founded, but lacked any insight into the intelligence of the soul. Someone once put it this way: “The idea that creation came about purely by chance and natural selection is as bizarre as to think that all the letters in this sentence came into place by mere chance.” Beyond the outward appearance – such as a sentence, a word, a mobile, a computer – there is a thought, a creator, an intelligent principle. This also applies to humans, and to the world in which we live. But often we forget that thought, we forget the purpose of why we came here.

On the last day, when I dive into the ocean with Agnies as a morning ritual, we not only feel the outgoing energy from the West to America, but also an answer: The message from the Indians to us. A message to reconnect with nature and the earth, and to allow the ‘Great Sprit’ into our lives. in my mind I hear their voice: ‘Connect to the water, the sea, the ocean, because the water is the womb of your human existence. It is the feminine element on Earth, which has been suppressed. And it is precisely this element that will manifest itself more and more, as it is out of balance.
Connect with each other, beyond form, beyond circles, or groups, or workshops. But connect, purely on a soul level, so that the waves of time don’t hit you in such a way that you get out of balance. Your anchorage is in the cosmic heart of the Masters; we hold the energy during this period of transformation. Together with you. So that the gate between the dimensions can be kept open and important information from our dimension can reach you, because you do the work on the Earth level. you are fully prepared and trained, and there is nothing that stands in your way to fulfill your role. In all your talents and your shortcomings, you are exactly the one you need to be.’

Anne and I say goodbye to the curious and magical house on the harbor and continue our journey to Glastonbury. Completely new surprises and adventures await us there.

-To be continued –