Part 22. From Sinai to Schiehallion

When Anne and I travel back from the Isle of Lewis via Skye, we get even more information about the Hyperboreans. More and more puzzle pieces are falling into place. We discover a connection between Apollo, the stone circle of the Cailleach and the swan. Anne felt a clear connection to the constellation Cygnus, the swan, at one of the Callanish stones. The symbol of the swan has accompanied us throughout the journey, from the moment Meital was buried and the music of Swan Lake came through. On the rear shelf of our car are two large swan wings.
It turns out that the Greek god Apollo had the swan as a totem animal, and rode a chariot pulled by swans.
The Greek poet Alcaeus sang about the mystical journey of Apollo to the land of the Hyperboreans. ‘O King Apollo, son of great Zeus, whom thy father did furnish forth at thy birth with golden headband and lyre of shell, and giving thee moreover a swan-drawn chariot to drive, would have thee go to Delphi… But nevertheless, once mounted, thou badest thy swans fly to the land of the Hyperboreans.’
A contemporary of Alcaeus, Hecataeus (c. 500 BC) writes that the Hyperborean sacred site, built on the stars, was on an island in the ocean beyond the land of the Celts.

When we attune ourselves again to the mystical people from above the North Wind, we get the following message:

“Welcome, we are from the order of the Hyberboreans, as the Greeks called us. We ourselves had different names for our tradition and our culture, but for them we were ‘above’, beyond the north wind. You could say we are still ‘beyond’, living in this angelic realm.
We are what you would call angels, living between the dimensions of earth and heaven and we can function as intermediaries, bringing you messages and guiding you – if you so wish – in this time of change and chaos. We are more than happy to assist you and to give you information on how to go through this dark tunnel of destruction and distraction.
It’s not easy because you are in a process of downfall. Like in a birthing channel you go through the darkness to come out on the other side and reach the light of a new birth. But first you have to go through this process of letting go an old society, old structures that no longer work or function properly. This demands a lot of compassion. Both for yourself as for your fellow beings. Don’t judge anyone in the process, but hold them in your hearts. Cause they will have the same difficulties going through this birthing channel.

Now let’s talk a little bit about ourselves. We are light beings, co-creating with the eternal mind. Our headquarters are in the north, and we were always seen as the white ones, the shining ones. We were put into stories as angels or gods, but in reality we are much closer to you. We are living in your hearts as well. You are – you could say – emanations of the same divine mind as we, but we live in a different energetic dimension. Within the divine mind there is no separation, only oneness, and a myriad of diverse beings: stone beings, tree beings, water beings, human beings… and they all form part of creation. In our world there is no duality. We live in this fluid being-ness, and we feel everything. All aspects of everyone are included in our heart. So we are very aware of our oneness and the diversity in that oneness.
We were and are the inspiration for the northern and western cultures, and western civilization. We’ve tried to pass on our wisdom and knowledge to many people through centuries, just as we are doing right now to you. Sometimes we appeared in dreams or in energy, to give direction or inspiration. We work closely with other councils, like the Council of Shamballa, the Council of Africa, the Council of the South, …

We’d be more than happy to work with you on 11:11, to guide you through this doorway of love, light and compassion. As you reach out to us, we reach out to you. We are more than happy to meet each other on the doorstep of the Schiehallion. Be one with us, as we are one with you.”

The moment of 11:11 is now rapidly approaching. All the people who tune in with us to the Schiehallion will meet on November 8, in hotel Dunalastair. But not only the participants for Scotland are getting ready for the event, but there are now groups all over the world that are preparing. When we first started with the idea of ​​an hour of silence at 11:11, we didn’t know if we would really get people on board. In the summer, the whole plan seemed to almost come to a halt. But in the weeks and days leading up to November 11, more and more people, spiritual teachers and groups are joining. What a joy to see all these connections and cooperation come into being! Every day we become happier when we see that more groups have signed up, or that there are more groups calls are seen in other parts of the world, who are just as amazed and delighted as they hear about us. The light network is expanding visibly.

But besides the light work, the shadow side is not far away. They always seem to go hand in hand on our journey. The lighter the light, the darker the shadow. That starts when we drive past Inverness. “Isn’t the battlefield of Culloden out here somewhere?” Anne asks. “I thought it was further north,” I reply, but five minutes later we pass the Culloden sign. This is where the great battle between the English and the Scots took place, in which the Scots were mercilessly crushed. Their swords and clubs were no match for the cannons and rifles of the English army. It marked the end of Scottish Highlander culture, and the Outlander series is woven around this historic moment.

However, when we stand on the green field where the blood leaf took place, I do not feel sadness or darkness, but above all joy and pride. It seems as if all the Scots are standing up again and throwing their hands in the air cheering. “Weee’re back!!!” The clans seem to be resurrected and what once broke is being restored. It is the long-awaited return of the king, the healed male. I feel triumphant, enjoying this rugged, earthy, masculine power. I have never felt so grounded. I now understand what it means to “stand in your power.” It is a very physical, almost erotic experience.

After our visit we drive on to the village of Kinloch Rannoch. There we meet Marcel and Monique, our buddies with whom we have prepared the whole trip. They were also present at the start of the trip in Sinai, and they did a lot of logistical preparation from the Netherlands to get the group to Schiehallion. Finally we meet in the lounge of the hotel and the reunion is warm.

When I look at the hotel’s site in the evening, I discover another puzzle piece on our journey. The hotel dates back to 1700, when a small inn was built on the lake. The men who started the inn turn out to be – how is it possible – the survivors of the battle of Culloden. So it was here – in our hotel – that the story continued. At night I feel a heavy and sad feeling: the men who built the inn had lost everything: their comrades, their leaders, their culture and their honour. They were probably wounded and spent the rest of their lives drinking a lot of alcohol to forget the great loss… All they had left was the king’s crown. Their clan’s emblem was a hand holding a crown.

The next morning, as I tell the story of Outlander over breakfast, Marcel exclaims, “But don’t you know that the stone circle they erected for the movie is close by? Outlander was shot here!”
The weather is beautiful, with lots of sun and wind, and not much later we climb the hill where the series started: Craigh Na Dun, the magical stone circle through which Claire lands in the time of the old Scots.
We dance around, lie on the ground and enjoy the overwhelming nature. We’ve come from the real stone circle Callanish on Lewis into the movie version at the bottom of the Schiehallion. Everything here seems like one big fairytale. In my mind I promise the survivors who started the inn that I will tell their story…

-to be continued –

PAINTING: Rudic Leysen,