Night of November 8th till November 9th

We’ll be on Spitzkoppe, a mountain in Namibia, and hold a night meditation around the fire, prayers, singing, dancing, sharing stories and dreams… (free flow), with the intention of: praying for the healing of Mother Earth, praying for harmony and love between Women and Men, praying for respect for our Mother Earth, as much as for all Women and living Beings, praying for honouring our Ancestors, and the ancestral people on this land and in the world, who teach us how to live in balance with nature, praying for respect and equality between peoples, that all peoples may live freely according to their own culture, praying for water, its essential presence in our lives, that all waters may be purified / stay pure and flow in abundance for all beings.
Hours: Meeting at 3:30 pm at the Spitzkoppe Campsites, leaving for the mountain at 4 pm until the next morning.
Note: Bring your own mattress, sleeping bag and food and music instruments, object to put on the altar,…
For: mixed (women & men welcome)
Location: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spitzkoppe
Price: Free!
Organised by: Sabine, Louise, Kitty and Amarin
Contact: Sabine (NL / EN) info@verstandvanleven.be , Luz (FR / NL) louise.geerts@gmail.com