From 7 pm on the 8th of November to 10 am on the 9th of November

This Full Moon gathering is for all women and men who feel and/or hear the call of the feminine. For all of us longing to be in service of Mother Earth. In support of the Sinai22 initiative – where 1000 women gather on Mount Sinai – we come together to open ourselves for the New Earth frequency and receive guidance and inspiration. This sacred moment is about slowing down, meditating, listening, praying, sounding and expressing the voice of Mother Earth through us.

From 19h to 22h, we start the evening with an opening ceremony with cacao, sound, movement and touch. For those who want to stay also for the night, we will then slowly move into a silent meditative state inside in the yurt and/or while tending to the outdoor fire. We invite you to find your own meditative state in deep contemplation with yourself and Mother Earth, whether that is in a fixed posture, while slowly moving, drawing, writing or resting. 
The next morning, we will close with a sharing circle from the heart and enjoy a nice potluck breakfast until 10 h.
Who: For Women and Men
Organised by:  Steffi de Jong & Rinske de Jong