Starting off: 5 am in the morning of November 8.

Where: In Goudsberg, Lunteren, in the middle of the Netherlands, in an ancient area with a lot of history connected to WWII.
What: I will start at 5 am before sunrise near the walking sign, and start walking to the square in front of the “Wall” (the ‘muur van Mussert’, where collaboration speeches were held) and connect  to the grid and Dragons in this Goldmountain area.
Then I will walk up to the Stones upon the Goudsberg (The 3 Big Stones, where in ancient times wise men and somen spoke truth uner a tillia tree), connecting to the Stone-beings and the heart of our Great Mother. 
Then walk downstairs and sit beside the mountain. 
If you want to join me, send a pm via Facebook. You are very welcome!
Organiser: Yvonne Zonne
More information: