What on earth is happening?

a new book!

These are decisive times in which an old world is being challenged and a new one is being born. In ourselves, in our own relationships and in our environment. Many of us are standing with one foot in the old and one foot in the new and many of us are wondering how to make the shift. How can we let go of the old? How can we be instruments to make this new world a reality? How can we develop ourselves to gain greater awareness, greater consciousness and greater interbeingness with all that lives, to make this planet thrive?

This is a gradual evolution in which we let ourselves be led by intuition and inner guidance. It is a journey of leaving some old aspects of ourselves behind, and opening up to new realities in ourselves. By leaving the old story behind, and opening up to the Unknown, we step into a new story.

We’d love to share our work and research with you on this website. To connect the dots, and together to find the greater story of our time.

Ton & Anne



Ton received more than 500 channelings during our journeys to sacred places all over the world. In each place we are delving up information about times in which we remembered our sacredness. Look at the worldmap and read all the channelings.