In February 2019 Anne and me traveled with three companions from Delhi to Ladakh. My inner guides had instructed us to be in Leh, the capital of Ladakh, on March 4, Shivaratri, the great festival of Shiva. We expected a beautiful spiritual journey through India, but the opposite happened. We ended up in the middle of a war between India and Pakistan. And what made it worse, the war took place right on our planned route. Our journey became a kind of James Bond-like adventure with Rikshas, ​​bizarre journeys along dangerous canyons, obstacles, but at the same time with deep spiritual insights and revelations.
After our decision not to let the war stop us, but to travel right through it, the miracle happened: when we had crossed the gorge and came out on the other side in Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, the fighting had ended. Did it have something to do with our journey, or with the many people meditating during our passage through the gorge, or was it just a coincidence? We’ll never know for sure, but somehow everything seemed to be connected.

Anne and I made a video about the journey, in which we interweave the ancient Indian tradition, various spiritual concepts and the adventures of the journey. The video is the prelude and preparation to do a meditation with a group of people on March 3 – 3:3, exactly three after our visit in Srinagar.

Once again, the disturbing and beating drum roll of war is heard – this time between Russia and America. Europe and Ukraine are somehow in between. In fact; they are the battleground on which the great powers play out their political war game. Are we able to silence the voice of war and let the voice of the heart be heard?

You are cordially invited to watch the Youtube film and participate in the meditation on March 3rd, 2022.

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Click here for the event on March 3, or look below.

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Ton and Anne


The message of the Himalaya’s
Time: Mar 3, 2022 08:00 PM Brussels time
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03 Mar 2022


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