Gathering of the Heart Tribe in Orval

“Through the ages there have been sacred warriors, who had heard the call of their heart. In any form. Be it Templars or troubadours, monks or artists, lovers or druids. The outer circumstances don’t matter. Because always underneath there is this tradition of the heart and of people who uphold the ethics and the sacred laws of the universe, which they feel in their heart. People who were striving to do good for a society, who brought in their stone to build a cathedral of love.

The coming years are not going to be easy, they will be a challenge. But what is better than a good challenge? Because without darkness there is no light, and without light there is no darkness. Both need to be there for creation to happen. You need duality to come to oneness. You who are these warriors of light, who are willing to go every inch of the way to put yourself in service of the greater whole, you need to stay connected to the light and be willing to face the darkness. And between those two, between the dark and the light, you keep your humanity.“

Tribe of the heart, this is a weekend to come together, meet like minded people, take a break and focus on what wants to develop this coming year: in ourselves, in our relationships and in the world. What is our task to do? How to find courage, hope and direction in times of uncertainty and change? These will be two days of music, meditation, introspection, nature and community.

This retreat is for men, women, youngsters and elders, who want to truly engage in a deeper connection with themselves. This retreat includes teachings about light and shadow work (Earth Grid Work), but is partly created in ‘open space’, discovering on the spot what wants to be revealed.

Morning: yoga / teachings
Afternoon: personal work / open space sharing
Evening: Questions & Answers session / meditation


Led by: Ton van der Kroon & Anne Wislez
Date: From Friday April 21th, 6 pm – to Sunday April 23d, 4 pm
Location: OWC, Bois le Conte, Villers-devant-Orval, Belgium
Language: This retreat will be given in Dutch or English, depending on the participants
Costs: 275 euro (yearly income < 15.000 euro); 385 euro (income 15.000 – 40.000); 495 (income > 40.000 euro) Stay is in 4 person bedrooms.


21 - 23 Apr 2023


18:00 - 16:00


Bois Le Comte
Orval, Belgium