Over the last three decades we’ve been organizing events – online and offline – to bring people together, connect them to a certain cause and set an intention of healing, love and compassion. We’ve supported the people in Gaza and Syria during wars, did meditations after attacks in Berlin, Paris and Brussels, travelled to countries like North Korea, Kashmir and Rwanda to bring healing, and did energetic work in Iran, Russia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Italy, France and so many more. We have also supported international gatherings of worldleaders in Osaka, Noordwijk, Brussels and the Climate Conference in Glasgow: to create a collective field, hold space for everyone involved and aim for the highest outcome, or for the greater good.

Now of course, this collective work is intricately connected to our own inner work: how can we face our own demons and judgements, heal the wounds from the past and bring harmony and peace in our own hearts? As inside, so outside. As above, so below.

Although there is no tangible way to see or measure the results of our intentions, we believe every thought, every intention from the heart creates a ripple. Together we create a wave. A wave of belonging, of heartfelt compassion, and of oneness: The idea that we are all part of one family. Or – as the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Thanh said: ‘We are all leaves of the same tree, all waves of the same ocean.’

That is why we want to invite you to a next worldwide event, being held in november 2022. In the city of Sharm el Sjeich the next global Climate Conference will be held. This part of the world – the famous Sinai Desert – holds many secrets, and it is the heart between four continents: Africa, The Middle East, Europe and Asia. The Sinai used to be called the Land of Turqoois, connected to the ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor. Hathor was a feminine deity that represented healing, love, beauty and regeneration. It is these qualities we need in these auspicious times to save the planet and our environment. Our consumerist, conquering and mostly patriarchal behavior definitely needs some feminine wisdom and healing.

During the Climate Conference 2022 we want to invite groups and networks, communities and companies, healers, artists and rebels, of all backgrounds, religions and races, to come together, organize themselves, and help to ‘awaken the goddess’, in all her splendor, beauty and power. And needless to say: with a healthy, mature masculine divinity at her side. No healing without balance and respect for both sides of humanity.
By healing ourselves, we heal the world, and vice versa.

You are more than welcome!

Anne Wislez & Ton van der Kroon


01 - 12 Nov 2022


All Day
Sinai, Egypt


Sinai, Egypt
Sjeich Moussa camp