A gathering in the heart of Sinai
5 – 15 May 2021
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

A gathering for – young and old – pioneers, changemakers, creative thinkers, healers, artists and scientists to create a new perspective for the future and to dream a new world into being

Let’s face it: we are in a worldwide crisis, and not only because of corona. Our consumerist way of living has come to an end, and we desperately need a new vision. Where is a better place to come together then in the Sinai, a desert in between Africa and the Middle East? A place that is literally Open Space: a place for thinking, dreaming, connecting, envisioning. A place under the stars that is inviting you to go beyond your limits, beyond your habits, beyond the world that we know. A place that is challenging you to live with the stars, the stones, the wind and the sun.

Join us on an epic quest into the heart of the desert, where once Moses walked up the mountain. We’ll gather in Sharm El Sheich, and move from there into the Sinai, where we will stay in Camp Moussa. This is a simple but comfortable bedouin camp with stone rooms for 2 people, a shared bathroom, a restaurant and a gathering space. After a stay of 5 days in the desert we will return to the Red Sea to spend two days at the Sahara beachcamp in Ras El Shaitan, to connect to the outside world again…

The Hosting Group


  1. Whoever comes are the right people
  2. Whatever happens is the right thing to happen
  3. When it begins, it begins
  4. When it ends, it ends
  5. Follow the Law of Two Feet
  6. Expect the Unexpected


The costs will consist of two parts:

  • A. The costs for accommodation, meals, local transport: € 500, excluding flight, drinks and excursions to be paid to account:
    NL13 TRIO0390261068
    O.V.V. SINAI 2021
  • B. Costs of the facilitation, organisation and preparation: donation to be paid to STICHTING TREE OF LIFE, TRIODOSBANK,
    IBAN: NL67 TRIO 0338 9423 43, BICcode: TRIONL2U
  •  Reservation is made through payment A and a mail. To reserve the hotels, we need to know in advance how many people are coming. Please make your reservation as soon as possible, but the latest at april 20.
  • In case of cancellation, there will be a cancellation fee: 50% after subscription, 100% after april 20th.
  • Make your reservation via:


  • May 5: arrival Sharm El Sjeich
  • May 6: Sharm El Sjeich
  • May 7: travel to St. Catharina village, Sjeich Moussa camp
  • May 11: walk up the mountain, sleep on top
  • May 12: walk down the mountain
  • May 13: Return to the red sea
  • May 15: end of the gathering, travel to Sharm El Sjeich


  • It needs careful considerations to travel in Corona time. We found out traveling is possible, but you need much more preparation, organisation and traveling time.
  • Follow all the rules and regulations concerning corona.
  • You need a valid passport, 6 months valid after the journey.
  • First check if you are allowed to travel within the rules of your country. You might need to prove your journey is an essential travel, for instance for your work. Find out if this applies for you. For some countries travelling might be an option only if you are vaccinated or recovered from Corona.
  • Egypt is open for tourism and foreigners can cross the border if they meet the Covid requirements: a printed negative PCR test certificate by an approved laboratory, no more then 72 hours before the flight to Egypt. In case of a positive result, self isolation is mandatory on your own costs.
  • At this moment no visa is needed in Sharm El Sheich, when entering by a direct flight. (not through Cairo; entering through Cairo requires a visum, to be bought at the airport)
  • You need to wear a facemask during flights and on the airports. Avoid crowded areas and large groups.
  • Check your insurance if you are properly insured, also in the case you might get corona. Take an English copy of your insurance with you.
  • Travel with a buddy, who will stay with you in case you will get corona. You then need to be isolated and taken care of.
  • You need to be tested before you leave, valid 48 hours before your flight. At Schiphol airport there is a quick test.
  • In Sharm El Sjeich you need a full extra day to go to the hospital, get tested, and wait for the result, before flying back home. You need these testresults to show when re-entering your country. When you transfer in another country check the test requirements.
  • Don’t be afraid to travel, but be organised beforehand and well prepared.
  • We can’t take any responsibility for the organisation, the safety, or the consequences of your journey to and from Sinai. We only organise the gathering within Egypt. Please be mindful that you take full responsibility for your journey.
    – passport (6 months valid after travelling)
    – ticket
    – tourist visa on arrival in Egypt (not necessary in Sharm)
    – health declaration (your own government site, also handed out in the airplane)
    – insurance copy
    – Test result (within 48 hours; check the airline)


  • Start of the gathering: First circle at may 6th, 20.00 hrs, Sharm el Sheich
  • End of the gathering:  Ending ceremony on may 13th after breakfast.
  • You can only come for the full program
  • We are creating the program together, having a plenary circle in the morning at 10.00 AM and in the evening at 8.00 PM.
  • Your participation is at your own responsibility. Of course we will do anything possible to make your stay as safe and comfortable as possible, but we can’t take any responsibility for your safety, nor for your emotional, physical or financial well being.
  • Make sure you have a valid travel insurance. You do not need a visum entering Egypt through Sharm El Sheich.
  • We are guests in another country, culture and religion. Please respect the local customs, rules, dresscode and formalities. Inform yourself about the country before you go.
  • The main intention for our work is personal and collective healing.
  • No drugs of any sort are permitted, and we like you to limit alcohol (especially in islamic culture) coffee and meat.
  • The journey/conference starts with the opening ceremony on the first night, and ends on the last morning with a closing ceremony.
  • We stay with two people in a room. Please inform us if you want to share your room with someone.
  • If you have any specific dietary needs, make sure you organise this yourself.
  • Please bring dollars to pay for any drinks and personal items.
  • Bring good walking shoes to go up the mountain and a sleeping sheet. Blankets are available.
  • Bring swim wear for the sea, as well as sun lotion, slippers and a hat.


05 - 15 May 2021


All Day
Sinai, Egypt


Sinai, Egypt
Sjeich Moussa camp